We are Cycling Stewards

We are passionate about cycling, and we want to make ensure that the communities who host us see us as a good group of cyclists.

Many of our rides call forth a mass of 250 riders, and some communities can easily get a negative view of cycling if we don’t respect the following rules.

Follow ALL Traffic Laws

Obey all traffic laws, including stop signs and traffic signals. Riding through stop signs and red lights is unlawful and extremely dangerous. Be alert for pedestrians, especially small children who might suddenly dart into the street.

Remember, we share the road with fellow motorists, and must follow the same rules and responsibilities.


Call out potholes, cracks, road kill, parked cars, stray animals and other obstacles. Use hand signals to point out road hazards. Some of the commonly used commands are: “Car back”, “Car up”, “Gravel/Sand/Glass”, “Crack”, “Slowing”, and “Stopping”. Note: when hearing other riders call out an obstacle or on coming vehicles make sure you pass it on and continue the call until riders down the line from you acknowledge the communication by repeating it.

Be Courteous

Be courteous to both motorists and other cyclists. Do not ride more than 2 abreast even on wide shoulders. Ride single file on narrow shoulders. Stay to the right and give sufficient space for passing cyclists and motorists. Faster cyclists should always give advance warning “On your left” and pass with as much space as possible. Offer help to fellow cyclists with problems, and yield to ALL motorized vehicles at intersections.

Be Seen and Be Predictable

Wear bright color cycling outfit and use light if riding in the dark. Hold a straight line and don’t weave in and out of traffic. Don’t make sudden stop.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Even on county roads where traffic is light, accidents can still happen. Always give appropriate hand signals when making turns, and check for motorized vehicle traffic from both directions before executing the turn. You need to be vigilant and stay alert when training by yourself.

Avoid Confrontation

Clear away from trouble and call 911 if challenged/provoked/threatened when on the bike. Remember riding is a fun exercise. You should go home sweaty and happy, not with bruises.

Bike in, Bike out

We want to leave every route and stop in the same or better shape than when we arrived. This means, if it was brought for our ride, make sure it leaves via the appropriate receptacle at the end.

We know that those banana peels will eventually bio-degrade, but they look awfully unattractive while they are doing it!

Support Local Business

Consider using a local business to get a snack/drink/meal after the ride. We try to host socials at some of the local venues afterwards to help make the places we ride as great as possible!