ABC Quick Check

All riders, every time, perform the ABC Quick Check to ensure their bicycle is in good operating order.

  • A is for air: Check you wheels for worn tires, loose spokes, warped rims, and proper tire inflation.
  • B is for brakes: Check brakes for function, cable tightness, worn pads, frayed cables, and alignment of the pads with the rims.
  • C is for cranks, chain, and cassette: Check your pedals and cranks for tightness. Check for chain looseness and bad links; clean regularly. Lubricate with bicycle chain lube. Check the derailleur for worn cogs and adjustment. Check that your gears change smoothly.
  • Quick is for quick releases: Check to ensure that the wheels are clamped securely in the drop-outs before each ride.
  • Check: Check your helmet for cracks and make sure it fits properly. Check your shoes for tight cleats and straps/buckles.