Training Series Roles

Energy Riders is a group of individuals & teams within the Houston area with a passion for safe cycling and training. In order to achieve this commitment, we have broken the leadership into several roles to help split the responsibilities.

Each person filling a role will need to commit to two seasons. The first person will pioneer for one season and lead/mentor their backfill for the second season. All subsequent leaders will be secondary first and primary second. While it is not recommended for individuals filling the roles to be holding major roles for the participating teams, should a Team Captain wish to step forward and take on a Role, we welcome your spirit!
Please email to volunteer or with role questions.


First: Tom Shaffer
Second: Kelly Howard

  • Single point of contact for ERTS activities, decisions
  • Primary communicator to ERTS Board
  • Members and Member Team representative
  • Gathers Management Team consensus on decisions
  • Convenes meetings of the ERTS Management Board
  • Sets up ERTS Twitter for Ride Cancellation
  • Communicates ERTS mission and requirements for membership



First: Kamal Shah
Second: Michael Morgan

  • Serves as ERTS Ride Safety Point of Contact
  • Collects Post-ride Information Takeaway
  • Develop Safety Training Draft schedule (for discussion and approval by Board)
  • Works with LCIs to Schedule Safety Training
  • Opportunities for ERTS Team members
  • At request of Team Ride Coordinators
  • Recruits Ride Marshals for ERTS Rides (Team RC to give 14 day notice)
  • Arranges Ride Safety talk prior to start (Team RC to give 14 day notice)



First: Kelly Howard
Second: TBN

  • Manages Checking Account (dual signature with ERTS PoC)
  • Pays Bills – Insurance, other items (signage replacement, signage storage) as approved by
  • Management team
  • Collects team membership count and bases Team Dues based on headcount and anticipated expenses
  • Determines and collects Team Dues
  • Purchases “tags” (bib numbers, wrist bands, if decided by ERTS Board)


First: Tom Shaffer
Second: Jim Robin

  • Serve as Mentor for Team Ride Coordinators
  • Coordinates Ride Calendar to avoid conflicts with other rides (Recommended Rides, Ready to Ride, CVX, Schlumberger, COP)
  • Works with Team RCs to develop and finalize ride schedule
  • Facilitate availability of Signs for pickup/drop off by Team RC – maintains sign inventory
  • Assist Team RC in an emergency



First: Tom Shaffer
Second: TBA

  • Assemble Team of individuals to Drive, Ride,
  • Evaluate, and approve new routes. New approved routes would be added to Local Routes Repository.



First: Kelly Howard
Second: Aniko Marki

  • Maintain ERTS Website – post ride schedule – keep content current
  • Maintain entries in EventBrite
  • Set up and Post Maps for approved rides
  • Post Communications
  • Maintains list of local area contacts to get permissions/permits required for rest stops, start area, routes on regulated roads
  • Maintains list of approved routes for ERTS
  • Team Coordinators to select
  • Maintains maps (includes required signage numbers)
  • Respond to Email ( – forward where appropriate


Each team has the following responsibilities.

  • Enforce team commitment to safety and ensure members are in compliance with safety standards
  • Team Representative – represents team interests to ERTS Management Board
  • Select route(s) and weekend(s) for team sponsored ride(s). Actual date (Sat or Sun) subject to conflict minimization with Recommended rides and other large organized rides.
  • Ride Coordinator (Team RC)- Responsible for coordinating volunteers to
    • Drive, Ride, Evaluate selected route
    • Serve as SAG Dispatch
    • Serve as SAG drivers
    • Serve as Rest Stop Workers
    • Manage Route Signs (Pick up, Placement, Retrieval, Return, report of missing signs)
    • Purchase Drinks and snacks, distribute to rest stops
    • Pick up/borrow equipment needed for Rest Stops