Ride Support Coordination

Support Ride Coordination

Route Setup

  • Procure your permissions EARLY for roads, rest stops, any other community interactions
  • Order portapotties if needed
  • Drive your route
  • Pick up directional signs

 Week Before the ride

  • Manage the volunteer list which will be sent to you by the ride arranger.
  • Communicate with the volunteers; make sure that you have cell phone numbers for as many as possible. Let all volunteers know what time you would like them to be there. For volunteers who have pre-ride duties (e.g. procurement, gofer) be certain that they know the “what”, “where”, and “when” for their part.
  • Contact the SAG Dispatch and, if necessary, discuss how to handle SAG support for the ride.
  • Contact the Ride Planner and verify that the route map posted online a few days before the ride is consistent with the Ride Planner’s version. If not, contact the webmaster and send updated version
  • Bring (or assign someone to bring) copies of the route map to the start area, along with several blank copies of each sign-in sheet and several pens
  • If inclement weather is expected, check forecast frequently and remain in contact with the Team Captains to determine if ride is to be canceled. Update volunteers as new information is available.  If ride is canceled, email the RSVP list, tweet, and contact Team Captains.

What to bring the Day of the Ride

Day of the ride

  • Be certain that you have a fully charged cell phone and that all the volunteers have the number. Keep the list of volunteers and cell numbers with you the day of the ride.
  • Pick up ice – distribute to Rest Stop Workers prior to start
  • Determine the exact location for setting up the start table. If extra rest stop workers available, request one to remain at the starter’s table to manage sign-in and sign-out
  • Once procurement and gofer arrive, divide supplies for rest stops and starting area. Starting area must have at minimum one small table, sign-in sheets and clipboards, and the team flags. For rest stops, consider if equal numbers of riders will use each and plan to divide supplies accordingly.
  • Deliver the pre-ride safety briefing 10 minutes before the start of the ride
  • Based on the number of riders, consider a staggered start – get help from SAG dispatch if necessary
  • Set up SAG phone (instructions will be emailed)

After the ride

  • Sweep course and remove all directional signs.  If any remaining riders are on the course offer to SAG them in or make sure they are aware there is no additional support.
  • Clean up all rest stop area and leave no trace
  • Collect sign in sheets, scan and send it to the ERTS Coordinator, who will in turn send it to Team Captains
  • Send post-ride debriefing to the ERTS Coordinator, who will in turn send it to Team Captains – include any lessons learned, potential improvements, and other information