Energy Riders remains a collection of individuals with a passion for safe cycling and training. In order to achieve this commitment we have broken the leadership into several roles to help split the responsibilities. Learn more.

Safety and Etiquette

The Energy Rider Training Series reinforces that bicycles are vehicles on the road and subject to all rules of the road during rides. The expectation of all riders and all member teams that participate in the Energy Rider Training Series is that all traffic laws will be followed without deviation.

All teams are required to require their members to take Group Riding Skills Safety Training initially and at least every 3 years.

Rider Rules

  • All Riders must wear helmets
    No Cell Phone Usage while riding, pull off the road and ensure you are safe before taking any calls.
  • No earbuds or cycling trailers
  • All Riders must perform ABC Quick Check
  • All Riders should familiarize themselves with the route ahead of starting and take a route map. Please follow all course signage, and adjust your ride length to complete by the time the route closes.
  • All Minors must be accompanied by their Parent or Guardian
  • All riders should review the Energy Rider Training Series Ride Etiquette before participating in a ride.

2018 Teams

Air Liquide
Baylor College of Medicine
Baker Hughes GE Fullstream
Bayou City Outdoors
Ernst & Young
ExxonMobil Cycling Club

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